When Pitterpac meets Clark & Gray

Everyone loves finding a new best friend, especially a friend who just *gets* you, your views and shares your style cred.   Well we’re simply over the moon with our new BFF and can’t wait to introduce her to you!


Enter: Clark&Gray

Clark & Gray not only agree with Pitterpac that mums don’t need to ditch the style as they enter the maternity ward, but they offer some knock out styles which even your non-pregnant friends would swoon over.


Designed by fashion forward UK designer Thea Clark, the aim of the brand is to:


provide effortless style for women to feel beautiful and confident. With a soft tailored approach, using high quality fabrics and clever detailing we are able to offer a timeless style for pregnancy and beyond.
Our zip, belt and pleat detailing throughout the range allows mothers-to-be to travel through their pregnancy in style and customize their items to fit their growing needs. Whether it is in the early stages of pregnancy or the final trimester where a woman is at her largest, or whether it’s just that bit of post-baby birth weight that is difficult to shift, we have got it all covered.



Our hearts were immediately taken by the gorgeous Day dress, which offers a versatile denim dress in a classic cut, with an eye catching exposed zip giving a zap of colour as you pass.



Other designs not to be missed include the Collarless coat with contrast pockets and of course the Audrey Hepburn worthy Mac in beige and navy.


Followers of our Facebook and Twitter feeds will know that our friendship has been taken to the next level as Pitterpac and Clark&Gray are offering an exclusive Classic Maternity package, combining their classic mac in beige, a style staple for any bump, with our brand new Whitehall Noir leather changing bag.

Check it out here.


With spring around the corner and our mac and handbag combo hanging in the wardrobe, you’ll never have a ‘nothing to wear’ day again!