What should you pack in your Pitterpac Changing Bag?

As a new mum there are hundreds of questions about the new routines and day to day jobs you’ll face. One question we are asked many times is ‘what should a new mum pack in their Pitterpac Leather Changing Bag?’


Well, we have discussed this issue with a number of experienced mums and we’ve come up with what we hope is a helpful guide.



Essential ‘Can’t leave without’ items:


  1. Nappies. Always take more than you think you’ll need. You never know just when your newborn will surprise you!
  2. Nappy wipes. These aren’t only perfect for nappy changes but are a heaven sent when needing to wipe your hands, remove milk stains from your clothes or even wipe over restaurant high chair tables.
  3. Nappy cream, and any travel sachets of medicine that your child has been recommended by their doctor.
  4. Nappy bags to dispose of your nappies in a sanitary way


Don’t forget all of the items above will fit perfectly inside our innovative Pitterpac Changing Mat Organiser, that has three pockets for your wipes, nappies and ointments.


Other items we highly recommend:

  1. A change of outfit for your child.
  2. Hand sanitiser- perfect for when you can’t get to a wash station after a nappy change
  3. Muslin cloths. Brilliant for spilt milk, spit up or even as a quick and easy breastfeeding cover
  4. Baby sunblock and sun hat in warmer months
  5. Baby blanket and a warm hat in the cooler months
  6. Baby’s bottle – can be kept warm in Pitterpac’s insulated bottle holder
  7. Formula if using
  8. Nipple pads, nipple cream and sanitary wear for new mums
  9. A small toy for easy distraction
  10. A comforter, maybe a dummy or a favourite cuddly toy
  11. If baby is on solids, a pack of baby food, baby spoon and some easy snacks for on the go
  12. A bib or two
  13. Water and a snack for you
  14. Scratch mittens as new born baby’s nails can be razor sharp
  15. Tissues – multiple uses!
  16. Your purse, phone, keys and other personal essentials
  17. Your Pitterpac Accessory Pac with multi-pocketed changing mat
  18. Emergency contact numbers
  19. And of course your digital camera for taking all of those special moments with your precious bundle!


You’ll be happy to know that all of the items above fit perfectly inside any Pitterpac leather changing bag, thanks to the clever elasticated pockets, that are wipe clean and water resistant.  All of our bags also have two zip closed pockets for your essentials that you want to store securely. Check out the ‘Look inside’ tag on any of our web pages to see for yourself.


You may feel overwhelmed by the amount that you need to take with you on a trip out with your baby. However, don’t forget if you’re just popping to the shop or to the park for a quick visit, our Changing Mat Organiser features a handy Velcro strap that allows you to attach it to your pram and travel light with just your nappies, mat, wipes and creams.


See for yourself just how much we managed to pack into our Pitterpac Pockets, with lots of room left in the main compartment for all of your extras!



Why Choose a luxury leather changing bag from Pitterpac?

Choosing a changing bag can be a difficult task. When looking at the range of changing bags on the market you may be left wondering whether buying a leather bag is a good investment.


Well, here at Pitterpac we believe that our high quality leather changing bags offer you a quality that cannot be matched and a style straight off the catwalks. And as all of our bags are made from the highest quality leather you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Choosing a leather changing bag from Pitterpac has many advantages including:

-         High fashion designs, keeping you up to date with the latest trends

-         Durable exterior that will endure the inevitable  day to day wear that nappies bags face

-         Easily cleaned with leather cleaner (and our interiors are wipe clean too!)

-         Offers the strength to carry a heavy weight, perfect when carrying all of your baby and toddler’s essentials!


Using leather has also allowed us to offer bright eye catching colours, seen in our Whitehall Changing bag and our Warwick Changing bag as well as the more classic tones of The Windsor Changing bag and The Ettington.